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Pupil’s FAQ’s

How will the school /college know if I need extra help?

The school will know if you need extra a help if: We see that you are finding it difficult to learn in some or all of your lessons; you are making limited progress in some subjects or we see a change in your behaviour, progress or attitude to learning.

What should I do if I think I need extra help?

If you think you need extra help you can approach and tell any member of staff, they will do all they can to ensure that you are given the help that you need to succeed. Your form tutor, tutor teaching assistant and keyworker are always good people to ask and are always there to help you. They can inform the SENCO and ways can be looked at to help you learn and achieve better.

If I have difficulty taking part in school/college activities what different arrangements can be made for me?

We always make sure that we do all we can to ensure that you take part in all school activities. We make sure that all work is matched by the class teacher to your level of understanding. We may allocate a teaching assistant to work you in some lessons with you to assist you. If you need any special equipment to help you learn we will always make sure that this is available for you.

How will I participate in planning my targets?

You will plan your targets at half termly academic reviews, where you will discuss what has gone well and how you could do better. At these meetings you will meet with your form tutor and teaching staff and set targets for yourself. Every day you will be a part of setting an individual target for yourself on your behaviour card.

How does the school/college know how well I’m doing?

We closely look at and monitor your learning and progress in all lessons. You have your own points card that helps you measure your engagement, learning, conduct and attendance at all lessons. We know that you are doing well if you are scoring well in all areas and that the work that you produce is of a good standard and you can be proud of it and you are making progress.

Who will help me to be more independent in school?

All school staff help you to become more independent. Your form tutor, teachers and teaching assistant in all your lessons will help you to become more independent. We promote and develop independence through challenging you to do your best in lessons. We have a ‘can do’ attitude to all activities and encourage you to have a go in all tasks. We assist you to overcome fears and anxieties. We do work on teambuilding, leadership skills and promote public speaking skills in assemblies.

Who will help me to be more independent in my community?

All the school staff will help you to become more independent in the community. We do a lot of work in the community supporting local charities through doing these activities you will develop your independence. We support a wide range of work experience and college placements promoting independence in the community. Again the staff at school will support you to have the confidence to do things by yourself and work in the community and make a positive contribution.

How will my parents/carers be supported to encourage me to be more independent?

Your parents/carers are contacted regularly, daily if needed by your keyworker. In these conversations your keyworker will celebrate your achievements with your parents/carers and will look at areas for development. Key workers will promote to your parents/carers that your attendance in school is important and ensure that your parents/carers encourage your engagement in activities in both school and the community, work experience and college placements.

Who should I speak to if I’m worried about something?

You can always talk to your form tutor, teachers, teaching assistants, key worker or pastoral staff. They will listen to any worries that you may have and help you in overcoming any difficulties or worries you may have. They will tell others to keep you safe if the worry you have is of a concern. They may advise you that you talking to the school counsellor may help.

How do school/college staff get extra help from other experts?

We quickly get help from other experts to help you a soon as we identify a need. We have a team that includes therapists, counsellors, educational psychologists and clinical psychologists who can assist you in identifying any extra support you might need. We work closely with a range of experts such as CAMHS to help you in all areas of your life and assist you in any difficulties you may be having.

What help is there to get me ready to start college?

You will get all the help that you need to ensure that you are ready to start college. The staff at school and Connexions will support and guide you to make choices about courses and colleges that you may want to attend. They will support you in visiting colleges, writing applications and make sure that you get all the help you need. You may want to start attending college part time from Year 10 and we support you in as this really helps you when you are making choices in the future. If required we can also support you in years 12 and 13 to gain higher level qualifications.

What help is there to get me ready to start work?

All pupils have the opportunity of doing work experience in Year 10. We do not see this as something you do once. All our courses will promote you doing work experience , for example in Hospitality you may work in a hotel once a week as part of the course or in Sport work in a local gym or sports centre. Connexions will help you look at your career options and as a school we will assist you in writing CVs, producing Records of Achievement, develop your independence and help you get the best qualifications that you can to support you in the future.

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