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Parent’s FAQ’s

Parents’ frequenty asked questions:

How will I be involved in discussions about and planning for my child’s education?

Initially when you visit our school you will have the opportunity of talking to the Principal, SENCO, and key staff about your child’s specific needs and expectations.

You will be invited to attend all Annual Reviews and you will be kept updated by your child’s keyworker and form tutor as to the progress that your child is making and areas of improvement. If you have specific concerns about progress and conduct we will arrange meetings with you to look at strategies and plans to make progress. You can always telephone the school to ask questions and we will remain in contact by telephone to keep you informed at all times.

How will school/college staff support my child?

Your child will be supported by having a personalised curriculum and learning matched to their specific needs. The work in class will be carefully planned according to your child’s needs; this may include additional support by the teacher or teaching assistant.

Your child will have a named form tutor, teaching assistant and pastoral keyworker that will support your child both in their education and in the emotional wellbeing and development. If your child needs it then support may be provided by a range of therapists including Person Centred Counsellors and Speech and Language Therapists. Your child may be supported through a range of interventions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school. We may refer to outside agencies such as Educational Psychologists to support your child. We will always keep you informed.

Your child will be supported and kept safe through staff support. Safeguarding and Child Protection policies are embedded in our practice.

How will school work be changed to match my child’s needs?

Your child’s needs will be identified and their work differentiated to match their level of learning and understanding. Tasks set will be challenging and enable your child to make progress and learn. Your child’s specific needs will be central to how we differentiate work, teach and adapt the curriculum. Your child will have an Individual Plan and targets set to help them show what progress they are making. We identify your child’s particular talents and celebrate them. If your child needs additional Teaching Assistant support or specialists equipment then this will be provided.

What support will there be for my child’s emotional health and well-being?

The school can offer your child a range of support to promote their emotional health and well being.

Your child will have an allocated form tutor, tutor teaching and pastoral keyworker who are able to recognise changes and will get to know your child well as an individual.

Your child can approach them at any time to discuss any concerns or issues. Emotional health and well being are promoted in school assemblies, PSHE lessons, and trips and outside agencies visiting the school. There is an opportunity for PE every day and activities are promoted during school breaks and lunchtime.

The school provides a healthy range of canteen food and healthy eating is promoted.

Your child’s wellbeing and emotional health are very important. All pupils have access to the school counsellor and where necessary outside agencies such as CAMHS can be engaged.

What specialist services and expertise are available to the school/college?

These include: Educational Psychologists, Child Psychologists, Psychiatrists, CAMHS, Person Centred Counsellors, Social Services, Therapy Team – Body work, massage, Reiki,Speech and Language Therapy, Play Therapists, School Nurse We will engage professionals as we see necessary to meet your child’s needs.

What training do staff have who support children with special educational needs and disabilities?

As part of our core principle to the education of pupils with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and pupils on the autistic spectrum we ensure that all our teachers, teaching assistants and pastoral staff have qualifications that are relevant to their role. In addition to this we make sure that our training and continued professional development is linked to the special needs of all our pupils and how what we are doing may needs to be modified to meet their specific needs.

Examples of courses include:

How will my child be included in activities outside the classroom including school trips?

Your child will have the opportunity of going on a wide range of trips and activities outside of the classroom including educational, recreational, sporting, work experience, teambuilding, house trips, outdoor adventure and community based learning. Your child will be included in all these risk assessed activities and supported in their engagement and learning through these activities.

How physically accessible is the school/college?

The school has disabled access to the ground floor for all visitors – ramps make this accessible. The school has disabled access to the theatre and sports hall – ramps make this accessible. A toilet is adapted for disabled use.

When my child starts school/college what kinds of support will there be?

Prior to starting our school your child will have the opportunity of visiting the school, having a tour and meet the Principal and key staff. At this meeting we can discuss any specific support that your child may need. Your child will have a form tutor, tutor teaching assistant and keyworker allocated who will help your child to settle in. When your child first starts they will initially be assessed and this will enable staff to allocate support effectively. Our staff are caring, nurturing and approachable. You child be guided carefully as the start our school and given whatever support they need to succeed. Your child’s keyworker will contact you and keep you informed.

When my child leaves school/college what kinds of support will there be to prepare them for their next school/college placement?

Your child will get all the help that they need to ensure that they are ready to start college. The staff at school and Connexions will support and guide your child to make choices about courses and colleges that they may want to attend. They will support your child in visiting colleges, writing applications and make sure that your child will get all the help that they need. Your child may want to start attending college part time from Year 10 and we will support your child in this as we have seen that this really helps your child when they are making choices in the future. If your child requires further support in years 12 and 13 to gain higher level qualifications or needs additional support to develop the skills they need for independent living then this is an option that is available to them.

How are the school’s resources allocated and matched to my child’s special educational needs?

Funding is used to provide additional support or resources dependent on your child’s specific needs. The SENCO will ensure that your child is allocated the resources and any specialist equipment that they may require. The additional provision may be allocated after discussion with teachers, pastoral staff, pupils or if you highlight an area of need. If your child receives Pupil Premium we will use this effectively.

At regular pupil progress meetings, Annual Reviews or transition meetings we will identify areas of need and allocate appropriately. Resources may include deployment of staff depending on individual circumstances, this can include a 1:1 teaching assistant if your child’s requires this level of support and this is agreed jointly with the funding authority. If we feel that your child needs additional support in certain areas such as Speech and Language Therapy, Person Centred Counselling, Anger Management or an Educational Psychology Assessment these will be used to assist your child.

How is the decision made about how much support my child receives?

Decisions are needs-led and we look at each child and see what level of support they need to achieve their full potential. Decisions are made in consultation with parents, the school SENCO, teaching staff, senior leadership team and the local authority.

Decisions are made based on pupil progress which is tracked throughout the year and also as a result of assessments by Educational Psychologists and other outside agencies.

We will always strive to ensure that your child gets all the support that they need to succeed in school and the community and engage in discussion with the local authority over this if required.

In what ways are parents involved in the school?

We involve parents in the school in many ways. We actively encourage and support your involvement in the life of the school and the positive impact your contribution makes to the development and progress of our pupils. Examples of how parents may be involved:

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