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Admission Arrangements

Our Admissions policy has been drawn up in line with Clarence High’s Mission Statement and Vision.

All young people who are admitted to Clarence High are either subject to a Statement of Educational Needs or undergoing a period of assessment for a Statement of Educational Needs. All young people are considered for admission in line with statutory guidance.

Clarence High has developed clear Admissions Policy and Procedures that allows for new arrivals who start at different times of the year and is well placed to identify their needs and ensure that they receive appropriate support to access the curriculum and pastoral system.

We as a school aim to provide a welcome for new arrivals that:

In line with DFE and Ofsted guidance and recommendations, Clarence High have established the following:

Admissions Procedure

We believe that effective inclusion into the curriculum, that ensures progression and engagement, begins at the start of the admission process.

An admission panel involving the Principal and SLT Members discuss the referral papers and establish if as a school we can meet the young person’s needs. At this stage all appropriate information about the young person will be collated including Statement of Educational Need, medical reports and history, other agency involvement, experiences of interrupted education and general background information.

Information will be collected from LEA, Social Services (if applicable) and the young person’s previous school.

The panel’s response to the referral papers is sent back to the referring LEA via telephone call and letter. At this stage it is the responsibility of the referring Local Authority to contact all relevant parties linked to the referred young person with the outcome.


An interview date is set by Clarence High and all attending parties are notified by the LA. During the interview day the young person and family/carers will:

Following this interview if all parties involved are in agreement, dates for admission and an initial review of placement will be arranged. No placement will commence without all relevant paperwork in place.

Admission to Clarence High

At Clarence High we recognise that a young person’s first day is very important, both in the way they view the school and also in how well they settle into the school community. It is crucial that the young person understands the ethos of Clarence High.

It is expected that all young people should arrive at Clarence High with an appropriate adult, this gives staff the opportunity to clarify issues and update details of the young person’s placement.

The young person is admitted to our Learning Support Unit for a period of induction and base line testing.

Admission to Education at Clarence High School

Prior to the first day, appointments will be offered for the young person to meet with their allocated key worker, tour of the school and meeting fellow peers.

The young person’s academic and social needs will be assessed over a twelve week period, with an IEP and Behaviour Plans confirmed for that young person. Residential children will be further supported by a Placement Plan which includes Care and Health Planning.

All information on a new admission is collated by the Senior Leader for Inclusion and Intervention and fed back to relevant staff. This ensures admission procedures in the classroom will support rapid access to the curriculum and whole school practice.

Notification of changes relating to placement:

The finance office must be informed immediately of any changes relating to a placement.

It is necessary that any meetings held regarding a young person’s placement are followed up by a letter from Clarence High outlining decision taken at that meeting and a copy given to finance as well as placed on the young person’s file.

All other matters that should be followed up by a letter:

a) Young people being sent school work home whilst excluded.
b) Local Authorities decision to keep the placement open whilst a decision is being made.
c) Notification of closure of placement by Clarence High
d) Notification of closure of placement by the Local Authority.
e) Relevant Authorities/social workers informed of long term unauthorised absences.

New Starters – These procedures must be followed and all copies given to the finance office to facilitate correct and prompt invoicing.

a) Offer of a placement must be confirmed in writing, outlining the starting date and relevant costings.
b) Authorities should accept the placement in writing.
c) Authorities should sign and return the Finance Acceptance Form prior to the young person’s starting date.
d) On arrival at Clarence High the young person should be given a registration number.
e) Parents/Carers to complete appropriate paperwork prior to the young person starting.

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