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Therapeutic Provision

Clarence High School adopts a child- centred approach in meeting the needs of the young people in our care. Our therapeutic model is rooted in humanistic psychology, including elements of attachment theory, psychodynamic thinking, behavioural and cognitive psychology, and social learning theory.

We recognise the therapeutic needs of young people in our care, initially working to provide a safe and secure base. Our work then focuses on elements of relationship building, co-regulation of emotions, empathic reflection, self-esteem and identity. If, and when, a young a person is ready we can help the exploration of trauma and loss. We recognise the power of therapeutic parenting in meeting these needs. In addition, we promote the social environment in shaping young people’s resilience and independent skills for future living.

The Clinical Team

The Clinical Service is an essential element to our multi-disciplinary, integrative approach.  The team comprises of Registered Psychologists and Psychotherapists, led by a Lead with significant experience in working therapeutically with young people.

Our Psychologists are registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC) and chartered members of the British Psychological Society. In addition, we ensure that our therapists are all registered with their respective professional bodies which must include HCPC, BACP, or UKCP, and that we see evidence of Continuous Professional Development. Information in respect of our Clinical Team, and their specialisms and qualifications are attached at Appendix 1.

The Care & Education Team

It is essential to us that the Clinical Team work closely with the Education Teams to ensure we offer a multi-disciplinary approach to the care of the child we look after.  This ensures that the benefits of the therapeutic care and any specialist interventions are carried seamlessly through our school and in our care homes.  All our  Education Team Members are expected to undertake a series of mandatory and essential training.  We also undertake sessions with staff, led by our clinical team, where they examine their practice through a reflective process.

This has led to improvements in practice, for example where in the past we have managed difficult circumstances using safe restraint practices, our staff are now more skilled in recognising those, and are able to de-escalate situations.  Consequently we have seen a reduction in physical restraint in our care homes and schools.

Therapeutic Care

At Clarence High School we recognise that every child’s needs are individual, and our clinical services are tailored but are generally offered as either Standard or Enhanced therapeutic care.

Standard Therapeutic Care

An Allocated Clinician (HCPC Registered Psychologist) will oversee our standard therapeutic care and ensure that every young person receives child-focused and integrated therapeutic care.  Including:

Enhanced Specialist Interventions

Based on active care planning we provide a range of enhanced specialist services within our care package. A suitably qualified Therapist or Psychologist will carry out this level of care. Enhanced Specialist Interventions may include:

We are also able to enhance either the Standard or Enhanced Specialist packages further through the offer of a range of evidence based therapies including:

Over a 12-month period we offered 950 sessions of Assessment and evidence based therapies.

Ensuring the Quality of our Services

Our Quality Assurance Department ensures that high standards of care and service provision is achieved and maintained.  It provides robust management oversight of organisational activity to ensure there is compliance with agreed service standards, values are evident and that service users are safe and receive positive outcomes, using Ofsted Standards and NICE Guidelines as a basis for their work.  They also undertake follow up work, including visits, themed audits as required to ensure completion and evidence of action plans against regulations and standards.

The Voice of the Service user

We take extremely seriously the views of the children we look after and collect their views regularly through one to one work, group meetings and when audits are being carried out.  We have set out below some of the comments from young people receiving therapeutic care.

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